Sanofi Acquires Translate Bio for $3.2 Billion

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Sanofi has acquired Translate Bio in a bid to further their mRNA research.

On August 3, 2021, Sanofi announced the $3.2 billion acquisition of Translate Bio, a clinical-stage mRNA therapeutics company. Sanofi is aiming to accelerate the development of current and future mRNA projects with this acquisition, including those in their recently announced mRNA Center of Excellence.

The acquisition builds on an existing relationship between the two companies. In June 2018, they entered into a collaboration and exclusive licensing agreement to develop mRNA vaccines. This agreement was further expanded in 2020 to broadly include current and future infectious diseases.

At this point in time, Sanofi has two ongoing mRNA vaccine clinical trials. One is a COVID-19 vaccine Phase I/II study with results expected in Q3 2021, and the other a mRNA seasonal influenza vaccine Phase I trial with results in Q4 2021.

“Translate Bio adds an mRNA technology platform and strong capabilities to our research, further advancing our ability to explore the promise of this technology to develop both best-in-class vaccines and therapeutics,” said Sanofi CEO Paul Hudson, in a company press release. “Our goal is to unlock the potential of mRNA in other strategic areas such as immunology, oncology, and rare diseases in addition to vaccines.”


Sanofi also purchased Tidal Therapeutics, another mRNA therapeutics company, in April 2021.. That acquisition expanded their mRNA research capabilities in fields like immuno-oncology and inflammatory diseases.

Source: Sanofi.