Sartorius and Thermo Fisher Scientific sign supply agreement

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Sartorius has signed a disposables supply agreement with Thermo Fisher.

Sartorius has signed a disposables supply agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific. This agreement governs the non-exclusive reciprocal supply of products for biopharmaceutical process applications between Sartorius and an affiliate of Thermo Fisher Scientific — TC Tech Corp. The agreement stipulates that TC Tech will supply Sartorius with disposable process containers up to the end of 2007 and with disposable process containers assembled with Sartorius filter capsules up to 2012. In return, Sartorius will supply TC Tech with filter units for a further 5 years. Sartorius and TC Tech have been business partners in the area of disposables for biopharmaceutical applications for several years.

However, merger and acquisition activities have threatened to disrupt the agreement, which required a new contractual arrangement: Fisher Scientific acquired TC Tech in March 2006, prior to its merger with Thermo Electron later that year. Sartorius is currently taking over the controlling stake in one of TC Tech's competitors — Stedim Biosystems S.A

"The main target of this agreement is to optimally satisfy customer needs and to enable a continued product supply for their validated process applications," said Reinhard Vogt, senior vice president of sales and marketing of the Biotechnology Division at Sartorius, in commenting on this agreement.