Sartorius Forms Joint Research Pact with Matica Bio for Advanced Viral Vector Manufacturing Technology

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The research collaboration between Sartorius and Matica Biotechnology will aim to optimize PAT technologies, automation software, and single-use platforms for large-scale viral vector production.

Matica Biotechnology (Matica Bio), a contract development and manufacturing organization specializing in cell and gene therapy clinical and commercial manufacturing, announced a joint research agreement with Sartorius for advanced viral vector manufacturing technology on Oct. 18, 2021.

Under the agreement, Matica Bio and Sartorius will work on several studies together to streamline and optimize process analytical technology (PAT) technologies, automation software, and single-use platforms offered by Sartorius for large scale viral vector production. Together the partners will aim to solve the challenges of large-scale cell culture and viral vector production, improve manufacturability, and reduce the costs of novel cell and gene therapies, oncolytic vectors, and vaccines.

"The generation of in-line real-time process data is one of the most significant obstacles to achieving consistent, high-producing viral vector titers during development that can be translatable to large scale production. In many respects, what is going on inside a bioreactor or within downstream operations is still a black box to us," said Michael Stewart, chief technology officer at Matica Bio, in a company press release.

"Matica Bio's development, manufacturing and quality teams have decades of viral vector production experience. Applying our expertise together with Sartorius' industry-leading single-use and PAT technologies will allow us to provide more robust, consistent results for our clients, guiding informed decision-making throughout the manufacturing process and accelerating the overall development timeline to the clinic and market," Stewart added.


"We are extremely excited to initiate this partnership with Sartorius. Our number one priority is to deliver for our clients. Our expert staff will be working to integrate more fully automated processes leading to an increase in the speed of information flow and a reduction in preventable errors. The end result will be increased product yields [and] higher quality as well as improved flexibility and responsiveness to our clients' ever-changing needs," said Yun Jeong Song, CEO of Matica Bio, in the press release.

Source: Matica Biotechnology