Sartorius Opens New Downstream Center of Excellence Facility in UK

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Sartorius has expanded in the United Kingdom with the relocation to a new facility in Havant, Hampshire, for downstream processing equipment.

On April 16, 2021, Sartorius, opened a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for downstream bioprocessing equipment in Havant, Hampshire, United Kingdom. The company announced that the opening marks the official relocation of more than 90 employees to the new facility from Sartorius’ former Portsmouth site, located a few miles away.

The new 58,000-ft2 site will bring together skilled engineers with biochemical, electrical, and mechanical backgrounds who will design and manufacture a range of systems for the biopharmaceutical market, including chromatography columns and filtration systems that will save time and costs. These systems are crucial elements for the manufacture of injectable drugs needed to treat cancer and diabetes and for the production of vaccines to prevent the spread of viruses, Sartorius reported in a company press release. In addition to a 28,000- ft2 production area, the center accommodates a 4000- ft2 customer test lab to demonstrate the functionality of Sartorius equipment.

The company will invest more than €400 million in 2021 to expand manufacturing capacities around the world to meet the growing demand in the biopharmaceuticals market. In line with these investments, Sartorius aims to expand its Havant site and is now offering positions for process engineers, project managers, and design engineers as well as several support functions, among other job vacancies. With the new facility in Havant, the company now has five locations in the UK, employing more than 900 staff members.


“The new facility in Havant will be an important part of our global operations network as it will enable our business to grow to meet the requirements of the expanding industry,” said Thorsten Peuker, head of operations, BPS Systems, at Sartorius in the press release. “The new facility increases Sartorius’ capacity to deliver support in all areas of our business and provide the highest quality equipment and services to our customers.”

Source: Sartorius