SCHOTT Introduces Prefillable Polymer Syringe for Infusion Therapy Devices

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Equipment and Processing Report

Equipment and Processing Report, Equipment and Processing Report-03-17-2014, Volume 0, Issue 0

Schott's 20-mL TopPac prefillable polymer syringe simplifies the infusion-therapy preparation process.

SCHOTT expanded its range of TopPac prefillable polymer syringes (PFS) to include a 20-mL format that can be used in combination with syringe pumps in infusion therapy. Prefillable syringes significantly reduce the risk of medication errors compared to manual transfer of a drug from a primary container to a disposable syringe. This accuracy is crucial for infusion therapy, in which common medications (e.g., pain medications, anesthetics, and cardiovascular medications) have a narrow safety margin. TopPac PFS are compatible with various syringe pumps, and the exact outer diameter enables automated recognition by the syringe pumps. The syringes are also compatible with intravenous devices (e.g., needleless luer access devices). TopPac PFS’ optimized siliconization ensures consistent gliding forces for smooth drug application and also reduces the interaction of silicone with the drug throughout its shelf life.

Source: Schott