Serialization Systems at INTERPHEX

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Equipment and Processing Report

Serialization-ready packing equipment and services to manage data assist companies with DSCSA compliance.

At INTERPHEX 2019 (April 2-4, 2019, Javits Center, New York, NY), suppliers will show services and equipment to help companies meet serialization requirements. 

Antares Vision will introduce a verification router service (VRS)for optimized compliance with serialization mandates. Compatible with hardware and software used throughout the supply chain, the new AVrs software manages the flow of serialization data to connect all distribution stakeholders, manufacturers, repackagers, and healthcare agencies and guarantees interoperability. A fast connection and response ensure high-speed performance and secure management of master data. Stakeholders will need to have a VRS in place by the end of November 2019 to meet requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, which specifies that no returned, serialized product may be resold until the wholesale distributor verifies the unique identifiers, including the standardized numerical identifier for each sealed homogeneous case or package (1). 

Marchesini’s new Track Pack monobloc system integrates a BL A415 labeler and PS 300 case packer to address serialization, aggregation, and tamper-evident needs. The combined system measures only 3.5 by 2.3 m, automates previously manual operations, and can be equipped with either traditional or tamper-evident labeling heads. A patented timing device correctly spaces the cartons on the adjustable, toothed, slip-proof belts. Compatible with any type of box or carton, the system operates at up to 120 cartons (four cases)/min. (2).  


Another serialization-capable system, the semi-manual Cumulus Model SLPP-15 case packerfrom NJM, a ProMach product brand, combines case erecting and sealing technology from ProMach sister company Wexxar Bel with serialization and aggregation options from Optel. The integrated system features a servo-driven, two-axis pick-and-place robot, which packs up to 10 cases/min. and comes ready to comply with serialization requirements. After sealed cases exit the case packer, NJM’s Model 403 Final Touch print-and-apply labeler produces and applies serialized labels to the cases, if needed. “Cumulus is the smallest and most affordable case packing station currently on the market that satisfies upcoming aggregation legislation,” reported Daniel Lapierre, vice-president of marketing for the ProMach Pharma Business Line, in a press release. “It’s designed to help pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract packers quickly and easily comply with traceability requirements while automating their end-of-line processes to increase productivity” (3).


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