SGS Completes Cell Bank Testing Facility

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SGS Life Science Services announced the completion of its Glasgow, UK testing facility for cell banks in biological medicines.

SGS Life Science Services announced on Oct. 28, 2014 the completion of its Glasgow, UK facility expansion. The 500 m(2) expansion adds the capability for cell-culture testing for vaccines, gene and cell therapies, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and other recombinant proteins.

The new laboratory will employ more than 45 people and will support manufacturing, biopharmaceutical stability, and lot releases of drug products with validated bioanalytical methods. The facility also features equipment to regulate customized binding kinetics, potency measurement of mAb and other recombinant protein-based biological medicines, nucleic acid sequencing technology, and real-time PCR platforms.

Earlier this year, SGS announced new services for integrated formulation and stability testing for biologics located in Wokingham, UK in new 7000 ft(2) laboratories.


“As the pharma industry becomes increasingly focused on large-molecule biologics, so we are increasing our service capacity and capabilities in this area. This is a rapidly expanding field where much broader and highly specialized testing expertise and equipment are required, to establish the safety of novel human therapies and vaccines, and one which we see as key to our strategic growth,” said Archie Lovatt, scientific director at SGS Life Science Services, in a press release.

Source: SGS Life Science Services