Shipping Service Offers Cryogenic Transit and Storage

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Cryopreserved shipments are monitored with real-time tracking and intervention services.

The UPS Temperature True Cryo service broadens the scope of UPS temperature-sensitive shipping offerings to include cryogenic solutions for UPS healthcare customers. The service includes real-time tracking and intervention services, which, when combined with UPS’s proactive monitoring, risk mitigation solutions, and global network of control towers, will provide complete visibility for cryogenic shipments at every stage of the supply-chain journey.

The service uses Cryoport’s cryogenic and related technologies, which allow UPS customers to use liquid nitrogen stored in dry-vapor form to keep products frozen at -150°C for 10 days while in transit or storage, providing a reliable, safe container for cryopreservation of products. It can also be paired with a risk management, intervention, and insurance solution, UPS Proactive Response Secure. “There is a growing spectrum of demand across tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, biopharmaceutical research, and reproductive health,” said John Menna, UPS’s vice president of global strategy for healthcare logistics, in a press release.  

The UPS Temperature True portfolio offers temperature-sensitive storage and transportation solutions and services for products ranging from cryogenic to ambient, specifically tailored for companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. UPS Temperature True Cryo follows the launch of three new Temperature True freight service levels that allow for different time-in-transit and control options for bulk temperature-sensitive shipments. These services are complemented by proactive monitoring and intervention technologies, extensive regulatory expertise, and a global network of 46 UPS healthcare-dedicated facilities.

Source: UPS