Sight Flow Indicators Shorten Cleaning Cycles

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Flow indicators maximize the view into sterile processes.

The Jacoby-Tarbox Hy-Sight and Hy-Sight Full View flow indicators from the Clark-Reliance Corporation are designed to shorten cleaning cycles while maximizing the view of flow in sterile or hygienic processes. The Hy-Sight indictors feature a highly cleanable design, with a small transition point between tube bore, o-ring, and glass. The indicators surpass clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) requirements to reduce product loss while shortening cleaning cycles.

The Hy-Sight Full View indicators provide 360° viewing of process conditions. Both styles feature precision-bore borosilicate glass with flame polished ends to improve surface finish and sealability. Both indicator styles are compliant with USP and FDA requirements and feature the highest safety factor versus system design pressure.

Jacoby-Tarbox is well-known for two significant safety innovations: UniGlas safety sight windows and UniShield window protection. The UniGlas design, first introduced 30 years ago, features a unique proprietary glass fused to metal optical disc that provides an ultra-tough, pre-stressed impact-resistant glass. UniShield protection is a vacuum-rated shielding that protects sight glass from chemical attack, while acting as an early warning device to indicate changes in the shield before glass integrity is compromised.

Source: Clark Reliance