Single-Use Containers for Sterile Transfer of Powders

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The ChargePoint Single Use Passive and ChargeBag create a single-use system for contained and sterile transfer of pharmaceutical powders between process steps or facilities.

ChargePoint Technology added the ChargePoint Single Use Passive (SUP) and ChargeBag PE-S with new HiPure ULP7 polyethylene (PE) film to its portfolio of contained powder transfer systems. Together, the two products form a single-use package for the contained and sterile transfer of pharmaceutical powders, including potent APIs, between manufacturing process steps or even facilities.

The ChargePoint SUP is a disposable version of the passive mating half of the existing ChargePoint SBV [Split Butterfly Valve] technology, so users can take advantage of the benefits of disposable technology and continue to have compatibility with existing ChargePoint SBV systems in the field. The SUP is both lightweight and cost effective, delivering containment and sterility assurance performance while eliminating the time and cost associated with cleaning, maintenance, and validation.

The ChargeBag PE-S is a flexible, single-use product container for the handling, storage, and transfer of bio/pharmaceutical powders. Manufactured from HiPure ULP7, which is a new proprietary PE film, the container enables high levels of integrity with optimized purity and robustness.

The company says that its single-use system is a prevalidated, ready-to-use solution, that is easily integrated into existing processes.

The company is also introducing its latest update of the ChargePoint SBV system, Series 3. Featuring a new and improved locking mechanism with intuitive mechanical interlocks, the system is operator-friendly and reduces risk of part wear. On automatic versions, quick-release actuators and sensor sockets ensure fast set up and changeover, and improved access to the main disc seal makes maintenance steps more convenient.

Source: ChargePoint Technology