Single-Use Membrane Filters Offer Fast Flow Rates

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Millipore Express PHF hydrophilic, sterilizing-grade filters from EMD Millipore offer faster flow rates to speed the process or reduce the process footprint.

Millipore Express PHF (process protection, high-flux) hydrophilic filters from EMD Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA, offer efficient and economical buffer filtration. The single-layer, fast-flowing 0.2 µm PES membrane filters provide sterilizing-grade performance and are ideal for buffers, pH adjusters and other process additives and intermediate fluids as well as cleaning fluids. The single-use, gamma-ready filters are available in a fully scalable range of sizes from 25-mm to 30-inch cartridges.

Process efficiency and economy result from broad chemical compatibility, high flow rates, and extended throughput. Offering faster flow rates than most sterilizing-grade filters, Millipore Express filters allow users to accelerate their processes with the same size filter or reduce their process footprint, using a smaller filter. The filters are compatible with a wide range of buffer chemistries including acids and sodium hydroxide across the entire pH range. The filters can withstand multiple steam-in-place or autoclave sterilization cycles.

Source: EMD Millipore