Single-Use Tube Assemblies Are Validated and Ready-to-Use

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Customized puresu single-use fluid path assemblies from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group incorporate tubing and BioPure components and are supplied ready to use.

Customized puresu single-use fluid path technology from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group incorporates tubing and the company’s traceable BioPure components for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing. The assemblies are supplied ready-to-use (double-bagged and irradiated). A range of validated components and configurations, in combination with design software, ensures that the assemblies can be matched to specific bioprocessing applications.

Tube assembly design, through to approval and quotation, takes as little as 48 hours, and repeat ordering ensures a continuous supply chain with quick turnaround and no minimum order quantity. Full traceability of BioPure components, which include Y-connectors, adaptors, end caps, tri-clamps, and flow-control valves, is maintained throughout the production process and is provided as part of the company’s detailed documentation.

All fluid path components are manufactured, assembled, and packaged in ISO14644-1 Class 7 clean rooms using cGMP methodology in accordance with ISO 9001. The tubing is subjected to 100% on-line inspection and off-line checks during every run to ensure that all Pumpsil, Bioprene, and PureWeld XL tubing is validated to the highest biopharm standards.