Small-Batch Tableting Equipment is Optimized for Containment and Compatible with Connectivity

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Equipment and Processing Report

Fette Compacting introduced its next-generation platform of tableting equipment with the F10i for small batches.

Fette Compacting introduced its next-generation platform of i-series tableting equipment with the F10i for small batches. The new i Series retains and improves upon the efficiency of the existing i Series. The F10i is a single rotary press for small batches, with optional containment for highly active substances. Producers can adapt the tablet press to different requirements using a handling arm to support turret changes and a mechanical, manual turret clamping system. 

The new series supports production with highly potent ingredients. The press-room design has been optimized for cleaning, and approximately half of all enclosure parts have been removed, which reduces the surface of the enclosure parts to be cleaned by approximately 70%. The machine is also dust-tight to minimize cleaning efforts and the risk of cross-contamination.

The press has technical connectivity and can be integrated via plug-and-play and open interfaces for connections to the Internet of things and a manufacturing execution system. Server-based, real-time monitoring allows the user to monitor production processes using mobile devices. A radio-frequency identification (RFID) option uses a contactless transceiver system to automatically identify process components so that they can be compared against preset recipes. This RFID system increases process reliability and avoids tooling errors. 

A human machine interface supports the user in the form of intuitive control, monitoring, and documentation of the machine and process equipment via a terminal. Tactile feedback, which generates a vibration and a sound when the operating keys are touched, provides added certainty when making entries. A workflow operation assistant in the software supports the user to implement workflows safely and without error.

Source: Fette