Software Aids Product and Process Development for Pharmaceutical Tablets

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The Natoli AIM Data Acquisition and Analytical Software for Natoli’s NP-RD10A single-station tablet press speeds research and development.

When used in conjunction with a research and development tablet press, AIM Data Acquisition and Analytical Software from Natoli enables pharmaceutical tablet developers to measure and evaluate different tablet formulations and properties, speeding the R&D process and reducing the time to large-scale manufacturing production. Using the software, researchers can evaluate compaction properties of APIs and potential formulations and identify potential tableting issues, such as capping, lamination, sticking/picking, porosity, scalability, and tablet robustness, during the product development stage. Data can be generated even from a single tablet.

The software allows the user to collect data on variables such as individual station and average forces, post-compaction data, turret speed (for rotary presses), dwell time, compression event consolidation time, relaxation time, and contact time. The software combines imported tableting data from a tablet press with manually entered tablet parameters to automatically generate plots for tabletability, compactibility, and compressibility profiles.

The software is part of the larger Natoli AIM data acquisition and operating system platform that was developed to facilitate and speed tablet and capsule R&D and manufacturing. Software is available for single-station and rotary R&D tablet presses, production tablet presses, encapsulation machines, roller compactors, and high-shear granulators. The flexible architecture allows creation of a customized R&D platform or operating control system. The package can also be retrofitted to many existing single-station and rotary R&D tablet presses that do not come with factory-installed analytical software.  

Source: Natoli