Software Expands Plant-Specific Analysis

Melanie Sena

Melanie Sena is community editor of Pharmaceutical Technology.

Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-02-02-2014, Volume 38, Issue 2

Software Expands Plant-Specific Analysis

The Simatic WinCC V7.2 Scada software from Siemens supports the acquisition, visualization, and analysis of production data. Analysis with this new software package is based on the process data acquired by WinCC, which are associated with each other during runtime. The user sets up the calculation formulas to be used in WinCC, without any additional knowledge. Several visualizations are possible for evaluation: a Gantt chart with the time sequence of states, a bar chart for analyzing the key performance indicators, and a table for states and accompanying values. The visualizations are also available via the Web. The calculated key performance indicators can be further processed in a WinCC display, line-dashboard, or in a trend display. In conjunction with the Simatic information server, the key performance indicators can be grouped together online to form target-group-oriented reports and can be queried at any time.