In the Spotlight March 2012

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-03-02-2012, Volume 36, Issue 3

New product reviews for March 2012.

Editors' Picks of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations

Running a manufacturing process efficiently and cost-effectively is an ongoing management challenge. This month's products can help drugmakers save costs in energy, maintenance, and operation. Power monitors from Rockwell Automation show equipment energy consumption. A database and audit program from Endress+Hauser helps manage process instrumentation maintenance. A software tool from Emerson improves start-up and troubleshooting of flow and density meters.

Power monitors provide insight into energy use

Two new Allen-Bradley power monitors from Rockwell Automation give manufacturers more data on how, when, and where energy is used in the production process. Although previous technology covered facility and process-level monitoring, the new monitors allow users to go beyond the process level and collect data from specific, energy-intensive applications.

PowerMonitor 500 Rockwell Automation

Rockwell's new wireless PowerMonitor W250 uses a self-generating wireless communications platform that is useful for applications such as ceilings or conveyor belts where hard-wired networking is cost-prohibitive. The wireless network transmits data to the Rockwell Software RSEnergyMetrix software.

The new PowerMonitor 500, designed for smaller consumption applications, has an on-device LCD display so that operators can access real-time energy demand and consumption data at the machine or process level. The monitor has Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP communication options and is also integrated with the RSEnergyMetrix software.

Program improves maintenance of process instrumentation

Endress+Hauser introduced an Installed Base Audit program to improve management of process instrumentation. Endress+Hauser works with plant maintenance personnel to input process measurement device information into a W@M Life Cycle Management database, and recommends preventive and corrective maintenance of devices. The database enhances traceability and management of all installed measurement devices. For example, the database helps users make sure replacement parts are available for each critical device, but eliminate unnecessary spare parts to reduce stock. Users can also access measurement device documentation through the database. Software tools allow users to control and document maintenance and calibration work.

Installed Base Audit Program Endress+Hauser

Software tool helps configure and troubleshoot flow and density meters

Emerson Process Management's Micro Motion ProLink III, a Microsoft Windows-based tool for Micro Motion Coriolis flow and density meters, provides an intuitive interface for users. A guided connection wizard, simulated device feature, and offline configuration tool aid set-up. For troubleshooting, a single, full diagnostics display shows process variables and alerts, and categorizes alerts by severity. The software can simultaneously connect to multiple devices, allowing the user to view and change process conditions across more than one transmitter at a time.

Micro Motion ProLink III Transmitter Configuration Tool Emerson Process Management