In the Spotlight October 2009

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-10-02-2009, Volume 33, Issue 10

Editors' Picks of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations

Editors' Picks of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations

One way for drugmakers to reduce costs and remain competitive is to increase the efficiency of their production lines. Personnel can reevaluate their equipment to make sure that valuable ingredients are not wasted and mechanical failures are infrequent. Mindful of the pressures on the industry, equipment vendors seek to develop reliable products that will improve their clients' operations. This month's products are designed to aid various parts of the manufacturing process. The Titus Company's nitrogen generators perform precise separations. A metering pump from Moyno is intended to offer accuracy and gentle handling. DENSO's series of cleanroom robots are designed for repeatability and flexibility.

Nitrogen generators offer efficiency

The TN2 series of nitrogen generators from The Titus Company (Morgantown, PA) is designed for high efficiency. Each unit includes Air Products and Chemicals's (St. Louis, MO) PRISM hollow-fiber nitrogen membrane, which enables precise separation and high selectivity. The membrane reduces the amount of lost nitrogen and allows the device to create nitrogen that is 99.9% pure, says Jim Bowers, a product manager at Titus. In addition, the membrane resists oil-vapor contamination and does not require compressed air to be predried.

TN2 series nitrogen generators The Titus Company

The TN2 generators are available in three configurations. The TN2 Essentials model is appropriate for small applications that do not require high purity. The TN2 Total unit is available as a wall-mount enclosure and enables operators to fine-tune the purity and amount of nitrogen generated. A fully self-contained model includes a compressor and air receiver for facilities that lack a reliable source of compressed air.

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Metering pump provides variable-speed control

Moyno (Springfield, OH) offers a metering pump with new pumping elements that enable the machine to provide flows of 0.1–400 gal/h. The metering pump is also available with integral VFD motor controls that enable variable speed, improve metering accuracy and repeatability, and enable operators to compensate for slip and obtain the desired flow rate.

Metering pump Moyno

The progressing-cavity pump imparts low shear, flows products gently into the discharge piping, and changes the fluid velocity only slightly. The unit is thus appropriate for sensitive products that require gentle handling.

Cleanroom robots have long reach

The VM series cleanroom robots from DENSO (Long Beach, CA) have long, slim arms that can reach around equipment or tooling and into small spaces. The units are available with reaches from 1000 to 1300 mm, a payload of 10 kg, and standard cycle times of 0.89–0.95 s. The six-axis, articulated arms have a repeatability of ±0.050 to ±0.070 mm that makes them appropriate for applications requiring precision. The robots' maximum allowable moment of inertia is greater than that of conventional robots and allows operators to choose from a wide range of end-effectors. These features bring the series flexibility.

VM series cleanroom robots DENSO

Despite their long reach, the VM series units have a small footprint. Unlike many robots, the devices' wiring and air lines are concealed within the arms. This design helps save floor space and enables the robots to be integrated easily into a production line.