In the Spotlight: Pharmaceutical Science & Technology Innovations

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-07-02-2005, Volume 29, Issue 7

CA-Zoom 6.0 (Everest VIT)

CA-Zoom 6.0 (Everest VIT)

Remote Visual Inspection Tools Helps Validate Vessel Cleaning

The "CA-Zoom Pan–Tilt–Zoom 6.0" digital video inspection system from Everest VIT (Flanders, NJ, has been expanded to include clean-in-place (CIP) inspection tools for pharmaceutical tanks, vessels, and piping systems.

CA-Zoom 6.0 (Everest VIT)

Users spray a 0.02% riboflavin (vitamin B12)–water rinse on the inner surface of a vessel through the tank's CIP spray ball system. When the CA-Zoom's ultraviolet light source is placed inside the tank after the cleaning process, "the riboflavin solution glows to display areas where the surfaces were not cleaned properly," Jim Disser, sales manager at Everest VIT explains. According to Disser, the technology helps companies validate their cleaning processes.

The system includes a joystick-controlled, high-power zoom camera that tilts and pans to achieve wide-angle or zoom views. The company's "iView" software–hardware platform enables users to capture, store, view, and compare still and video images on- or off-site. Camera head sizes for both tanks and small nozzles are included.

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PG-100 (Applied Chemical Technology)

Fluid-Bed System Automates Tilting and Dropping

Applied Chemical Technology (ACT, Florence, AL, has introduced its "PG-100" fluid bed, featuring a swinging bowl that can be programmed to automatically tilt and drop material.

PG-100 (Applied Chemical Technology)

Rather than having to move the bowl by pulling out a cart, the fluidizing chamber revolves around a column so that "it can dump material completely by itself, swing back to the right position, and then close itself back up so it can begin the fluidizing process again," says Tim Holt, ACT's laboratory manager. The system can be activated by either a touch-screen panel or a remote computer for applications in which operators cannot be in direct contact with the substance (e.g., for highly potent materials). The bowl's tilt range extends to 180º.

In addition, the PG-100 system is designed to granulate, coat, and dry particulates in the same bowl. Traditional models require users to use various bowls depending on whether one dries or coats material from the top or bottom spray apparatuses. "We've engineered it so that users have unlimited nozzle positioning with one bowl," says Holt.

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Quattro-S (Veolia Water Systems)

Water Purification System Combines Four Components in One

A fully integrated water purification package is available from Veolia Water Systems (Caguas, PR,

Quattro-S (Veolia Water Systems)

The "Quattro-S" system includes softeners that are activated by hardness sensors to remove hard salts; pretreatment microfilters (5-μm pleated or carbon block); reverse osmosis technology to reduce conductivity and bacteria; and a continuous electro deionization system to ensure regeneration is continuous and free of chemicals.

The unit also is supplied with an integrated clean-in-place system and control systems to maintain optimum membrane performance and provide real-time conductivity monitoring. According to the company, its easy-access design reduces downtown during mantenance. Applications for the system include feed for water-for-injection, pure steam, primary pharmaceutical manufacture, or rinse water.

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