Stevanato Group's Pharmapack Exhibition

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Stevanato Group is a leading global provider of drug containment, drug delivery, and diagnostic solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries.

Drug delivery devices

Our proprietary device portfolio will include Alina® pen injector – a platform device for variable and multi-dose treatments for diabetes and obesity, together with the innovative On-Body Delivery System (OBDS) developed in collaboration with Bexson Biomedical, Inc. – showcased in the event's Innovation Gallery. The subcutaneous drug delivery system is the flagship for Bexson’s proprietary keta-mine formulation, BB106, and leverages Stevanato Group’s existing technology and broad experience in medical device innovation.

Contract manufacturing

Adam Stops, Head of Product Management Drug Delivery Systems at Stevanato Group, will present, together with Richard Harrison, Product Development Manager at Owen Mumford Pharmaceutical Services, a workshop entitled "Collaborating to Simplify Device Development and Optimize Glass Solutions for Auto-Injectors".

The workshop is on 1 February from 3:40 to 4:10pm in Conference Room 725.

Drug containment solutions

Our new special thin-wall needle, which we'll be unveiling at Pharmapack is a 27G ½" needle with large-diameter internal channel, designed to optimize the delivery of viscous biologics via auto-injector – avoiding the need for bigger needles and therefore improving the overall patient experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to booth #F46 for a glimpse into the future of pharma.