Suheung Opens Capsule Factory

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Suheung’s new facility in Vietnam is dedicated to vegetarian capsule manufacturing.

Suheung Co., Ltd. has opened an EMBO CAPS VG-ALPHA capsule facility located in the Long Thanh Industrial Zone (Dong Nai Province), Vietnam, the company announced on June 15, 2019. The vegetarian capsule manufacturing facility will supply capsules globally under the Embocaps by Suheung brand and increase the capacity of the popular EMBO CAPS VG-ALPHA vegetarian capsule, the company reported in a press statement.

“This facility is an investment in the future of the industry.  Availability should never hinder growth.  Our new Alpha plant demonstrates our commitment to support our customer’s success for today and tomorrow,” JooHwan Yang, company chairman and chief executive officer explained in the press statement.

The Embocaps vegetarian capsule product line includes the EMBO CAPS VG and EMBO CAPS VG-ALPHA, non-animal alternatives to gelatin capsules; the EMBO CAPS AP, a non-animal delayed release capsule; and the EMBO CAPS VP, a pullulan-based capsule.


“The new EMBO CAPS VG Alpha facility utilizes the most advanced technology available.  The plant was built around the process, not a process built into a plant; this difference maximizes both the production efficiency and product quality.  I am very proud of the finished result.” stated Sung Gul Yoon, company vice-chairman and chief architect of the proprietary EMBO CAPS VG-ALPHA production process in the press statement.

Source: Suheung