Tablet Authentication Now Enabled with a Mobile-Phone Camera

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TruTag Technologies, a provider of product identity solutions, has added mobile-phone authentication of solid oral-dosage form tablets to its product offerings.

On Sept. 5, 2018, TruTag Technologies, a provider of product identity solutions, announced the extension of its product identity platform to include mobile-phone authentication of solid oral-dosage form tablets.

The company manufactures microscopic, edible, optical barcodes, called TruTags, that can be applied directly on a product in ink or as part of the film coating process. The tags allow for instant and unequivocal product authentication for use in identifying supply-chain anomalies such as counterfeits, quality-control incidents, and unauthorized product diversion.

The tags are currently authenticated via a proprietary device that forms part of a secure, closed-loop product identity platform. The company has now extended its platform to allow for mobile-phone authentication. The solution is currently focused on tablet-form drug products but is planned to be extended to other solid oral-dosage form products such as capsules, the company reports.

 “Traditional product security solutions that rely on authenticating packaging can be easily circumvented,” said Tim Learmonth, PhD, head of Advanced Development, in a company press release. “With TruTags we identify the product itself. Before now, the ability to offer instantaneous authentication of a tablet or capsule to the patient population has not existed. Our solution represents a significant step forward for supply-chain security.”

The benefits of mobile-phone authentication extend beyond supply-chain security. Providing clients with the tools to authenticate products offers brand owners an opportunity to interact with their patient population for consumer education, patient support, and even post-market safety surveillance.

Source: TruTag Technologies