Tablet Dedusters Are Flexible and Efficient

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Kraemer KD60 equipment conveys and dedusts vitamin and nutraceutical tablets.

Vertical tablet conveyors/dedusters have become an economical way to efficiently convey and dedust vitamin and nutraceutical tablets using a small footprint. The Kraemer KD60 series vertical vibratory conveyor uses gentle vibration to dedust and convey the product quietly (less than 70 db) upward in a spiral along a smooth, perforated surface (0.3 µm Ra surface roughness). A window gives full view and access to see the tablet movement up the helix.
Inlet and outlet orientation is adjusted easily without tools, and the stand height adjusts to meet press requirements. The all stainless-steel construction, cGMP design, and tool-less disassembly allow for easy cleaning in full compliance with FDA standards. The C820 controller with integrated acceleration sensor allows for a constant flow of tablets under varying tablet loads. The conveyor/deduster can be configured with an integral metal detector.

Source: Kraemer US