Tablet Press Increases Output

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The Manesty TPR 500 tablet press from Bosch Packaging Technology increases output and features a hygienic design.

The Manesty TPR 500 tablet press from Bosch Packaging Technology features enhancements such as a die table, torque drive and tablet discharge chute, and a human machine interface (HMI).

The TPR 500 is equipped with a new 56-station die table and can produce more than 400,000 tablets per hour. The modular powder feeding system allows for more flexibility with a two-paddle design that can be upgraded to three paddles, depending on product properties and powder characteristics. In addition, the True Flow tablet discharge chute features a pneumatic gate mechanism and an improved take-off angle, helping to reduce product damage and increase output, particularly with shaped or friable tablets.

Connected directly to the turret, the Siemens torque drive achieves high torque at low rpm while saving space in the mechanical area. Turret removal is possible in 10 minutes, while complete product changeover can be achieved in less than one hour. The hygienic design of the Manesty TPR 500, allows production to be separate from the mechanical area, preventing powder contamination in the mechanical zone.

The tablet press was introduced at Interpack 2014.

Source: Bosch Packaging Technology