Technologies for bioavailability and solubility enhancement

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Catalent has the broadest drug development toolkit, offering clients multiple technologies to enhance the bioavailability and solubility of drugs during formulation.


Micronisation is a proven, dependable and versatile method to achieve high quality particle size reduction to assist in API and formulation optimisation. Catalent Micron Technologies is a global leader in particle size reduction services, delivering high quality micronisation, milling, and analytical services. Its full range of capabilities includes:


   •   Development through to commercial scale
   •   Micronisation (jet mill)
   •   Mechanical milling (hammer mill, pin mill)
   •   Cryogenic milling
   •   Controlled handling of potent and cytotoxic compounds
   •   Comprehensive supporting analytical services


Spray drying can also assist in overcoming formulation and development challenges, and from its facility in San Diego, Catalent offers this service from early phase development through to clinical manufacturing scale. With over 75 years’ experience in spray drying and amorphous dispersion technology, the Pharmatek SD spray drying team can fully characterise an API and associated formulations throughout feasibility, development, and commercialisation, to provide a robust data package in support of regulatory filings.


The Pharmatek SD spray drying technology offered by Catalent is integrated into its extended OptiForm Solution Suite platform, which allows drug developers to gain an insight into accelerating programmes from late-stage discovery to phase I trials.