Thermal Ink-Jet Technology Prints on Non-porous Surfaces

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A patented cartridge using fast-drying inks allows high-resolution coding for pharmaceutical packaging.

The Videojet 8610 thermal ink-jet printer from Videojet Techologies uses fast-drying inks to provide high-resolution print on non-porous packaging materials including films, foils, plastics, and coated stocks. The technology allows in-line printing of multi-line codes and other high resolution marks, including DataMatrix and QR codes, without modifying packaging designs.  The patented cartridge is a fully contained, high-resolution print cartridge designed specifically to jet MEK-based inks. An automated Cartridge Readiness System allows consistent print performance that is unaffected by the frequency or length of common line interruptions. Print resolutions can be up to four times greater than continuous ink-jet technology, resulting in near-letter quality printing with excellent edge acuity. The system is designed for minimal maintenance.  

Source: Videojet Technologies