Thermo Fisher Expands its Direct-to-Patient Service Offerings

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The Direct-to-Patient services include Pharmacy-to-Patient, Depot-to-Patient, and Clinical Site-to-Patient services.

Thermo Fisher Scientific announced on Oct. 27, 2020 that it has expanded its Direct-to-Patient service offerings to support decentralized clinical trials with the goal of lessening clinical trial lengths and costs, while increasing patient enrollment and participation rates.

"Decentralized clinical trials have been on the rise even before the COVID-19 pandemic due to the location of study centers and the amount of time required for study visits being barriers to patient enrollment and ongoing participation," said Chris Armstrong, president, clinical trials business, Thermo Fisher Scientific, in a company press release. "As patients increasingly reach out to clinical trials sponsors to request receiving medication at home, it's critical to have a solution that delivers patients' medications safely and on time, without compromising trial quality and speed."

The Direct-to-Patient services include:

  • Pharmacy-to-Patient and Depot-to-Patient services for centralized control and supply chain planning to manage high-value or limited supply agents.

  • Clinical Site-to-Patient services that deliver medications directly to patients' homes or study sites.

  • Direct-to-Patient solutions for ancillary sourcing, blinding, patient kit production, clinical supply optimization, and decentralized clinical trial setups.

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific