Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches User-Friendly Raman Spectroscopic Analyzer

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The Thermo Scientific Ramina Process Analyzer is designed with user ease at the forefront.

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s newest Raman spectroscopic analyzer, the Thermo Scientific Ramina Process Analyzer, is designed to eliminate much of the complexity inherent to Raman spectroscopy measurements to prioritize user accessibility, the company announced on April 5, 2022.

The Thermo Scientific Ramina Process Analyzer offers non-destructive, continuous analysis without the need for sample preparation. According to Thermo Fisher, it is simpler to install and use compared to traditional Raman process monitoring systems; it can be deployed in as little as 15 minutes and generate spectral data on target analytes within seconds. The system uses a range of patented probes to maximize the speed and sensitivity of results, enabling fully automated in-situ measurements to calculate concentrations in a reaction vessel.

The analyzer includes a Raman spectrometer, fiber optic probe, a portable monitor, a mouse, a keyboard, and laser safety goggles. Its solid-state construction is designed to offer long-term stability and continuous accurate measurements without frequent calibration. Multiple systems can be used in parallel to test different reaction vessels simultaneously or combine a number of probes in one vessel.


"We are excited to launch the Ramina Process Analyzer, which offers an almost effortless method of performing precise in-situ Raman measurements, enabling customers to generate real-time data where and when they need it,” said Chloe Hansen-Toone, vice-president and general manager for field and safety instruments, Thermo Fisher Scientific, in a company press release. “The compact and portable design of this analyzer, as well as its user-friendly operation, will help to reduce time-to-results without the burden of taking up too much valuable laboratory space."

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific