UPS Offers Prequalified Temperature-Sensitive Packaging

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UPS Temperature True Packaging provides four prequalified packaging system options for temperature-sensitive products with different time and temperature requirements.

UPS Temperature True Packaging service has been expanded to include expert consultation, package procurement, and (in a first for UPS) four packaging lines that have been engineered, tested, and prequalified by the manufacturer for use in UPS’s US domestic network. UPS professionals help customers select and procure the right cold-chain packaging built to meet appropriate levels of safety and protection standards.

UPS Temperature True Packaging provides prequalified packaging systems for temperature-sensitive products with four options to protect products with a range of time and temperature requirements. Med 100 is a ight-weight alternative for shipping single-dose and smaller-size medicines requiring cool temperatures in transit. Med 200 is an easily assembled packaging system for next-day delivery. Med 300 is a refrigerated shipping system with a self-contained cooler that can be stored at room temperature, requiring no additional refrigerants. Med 400 offers frozen, refrigerated, and controlled-room-temperature options to protect products for extended time in transit.

Source: UPS