Vcaps® Enteric Encapsulation Technology

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Vcaps®Enteric Capsule is a fully compliant capsule technology that simplifies drug enteric delivery implementation from early-stage development to commercial manufacturing. The pharmaceutical grades of cellulosic derivatives used in Vcaps® Enteric capsules are approved and have extensive market precedence for use in providing enteric protection. Vcaps® Enteric capsules have been evaluated in-vitro and in-vivo across a number of compounds, which has proven full compliance with relevant European, Japanese and US Pharmacopeia monographs.


By combining polymer science, engineering and formulation know-how, we are creating breakthroughs in capsule and encapsulation technologies that are changing the functional role of capsules in medical research, drug formulation and drug delivery. Capsugel provides leading-edge solutions that protect high value compounds, optimize delivery to targeted sites in the body, and ensure the best operational performance in capsule filling. To learn more, visit:



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