Verizon Extends Cloud Data Management Services to Pharmaceutical Sector

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New services manage clinical or drug manufacturing data in the Verizon cloud or from data centers.

Verizon has added two new healthcare-industry solutions designed to help companies keep up with increasing regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical sector. GxP (Good x Practices) Services will allow companies to manage sensitive clinical and drug-manufacturing data in the Verizon cloud or from select data centers. Verizon will also provide its complementary cloud and data-center service options in a new partnership with rfXcel, which provides a serialization solution that helps companies track and trace pharmaceuticals from manufacturing to distribution.

“Companies within the sector are struggling today to meet growing regulatory requirements,” said Rich Black, vice-president of Verizon’s healthcare practice. “We have found that our IT infrastructure, which leverages our cloud, security, and technical expertise, can enable them to address this burden.”

Verizon’s GxP services include colocation, managed hosting, and enterprise cloud solutions in three of the company’s global data centers, as well as professional services to size or scope the architecture and enable deployment. GxP services come with a baseline ISO 27001 certification.
The services are managed under Verizon’s Quality Management Program to deliver qualified infrastructure with appropriate sign-offs on standard operating procedures and to ensure proper training, policies, and document/record control.

A cloud-based, track-and-trace software application is available to clients through rfXcel. This solution is a complete end-to-end service with compliance reporting that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) and a 2D barcode that can be integrated into current enterprise resource planning systems. The rfXcel solution offers serialization, traceability, alerts and notification, error detection and correction, and inventory management capabilities as well as an easy-to-use Web portal.

Source: Verizon Enterprise Solutions