Versatile Low-Shear Blending and Drying

Published on: 
Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology, December 2022, Volume 46, Issue 12
Pages: 12

The ROSS Vertical Blender enables mixing of friable solids.

The ROSS Vertical Blender is designed for reliable, gentle mixing of friable solids, abrasive materials, and shear-sensitive products. It consists of a low-speed auger that orbits the periphery of a conical vessel while gently lifting material upward. This agitation is intended to allow product from top portions of the batch to cascade to the bottom while blending with the material being drawn upwards by the auger.

The Vertical Blender is angled steeply to allow for efficient blending of batches as small as 10% of maximum working capacity while also enabling the quick discharge of the finished blend. It does not require bearing or packing glands in the product zone and is designed to promote 100% discharge. In addition to solid blends, the product can mix wet applications, such as flowable slurries and pastes. The machine can be jacketed for heating or cooling with water, oil, or steam.

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