VitalDose® EVA excipients

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Learn more about VitalDose® EVA excipients on the VitalDose blog. Learn how EVA polymers have been used for years in controlled release pharmaceutical and medical device applications.

Participate in the VitalDose excipient discussion. Ken Anderson of Celanese shares insights into EVA excipients technology and invites you to ask questions about one of the most versatile polymers utilized in the pharmaceutical industry.

Are you in search of routes of administration that can breathe new life into your expiring drug patents? Want to learn more about excipients technology for use in novel controlled released products? Find answers to these questions and more at the recently launched blog – – where Celanese EVA Performance Polymers technical leader, Ken Anderson, Ph.D. will provide regular updates and summaries on the latest research pertaining to EVA excipients.

In participating in the new VitalDose blog, you will learn:

  • The latest news in VitalDose ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) excipients
  • Technical data on this technology and its applications
  • Solutions to formulation challenges.

EVA polymers have been used for many years in a variety of pharmaceutical and medical device products.

Tailor the dosing and delivery of your API

  • Formulation design versatility
  • Customizable delivery and release profiles
  • Manufacturing process versatility
  • Multiple routes of administration

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