Volkmann Opens Laboratory to Test Vacuum Conveying of Powders

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Vacuum-conveying conditions for powders and other free-flowing solid forms can be simulated in Volkmann's new laboratory.

Volkmann expanded its US headquarters, located in Bristol, PA, and added a 750-ft2 dedicated test facility. This laboratory incorporates a range of the company’s VS Series of vacuum conveyors, feed hoppers, and two 150-foot runs of 1.5-in. and 2.5-in. conveying lines to simulate real-world applications in product transfer. A 20-ft vertical lift can be added where necessary.

The equipment can be used to simulate conveying conditions for powders, granules, particles, tablets, and capsules. One unit, built specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, has a one-piece, gap-free design and polished stainless steel surface and can be used to test product when necessary. 

“We now have the ability to test all sizes of our conveyors and all but the largest vacuum pumps in house,” said Volkmann president, Nick Hayes, in a press release. “This gives us the opportunity to demonstrate production processes for our customer and iron out any adjustments that might be needed within our laboratory before installation.”


Source: Volkmann