Weighing Equipment Uses Lean Laboratory Principles

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Upgrades to Mettler Toledo’s weighing and dosing equipment increase productivity using lean laboratory principles.

With many laboratories under increasing pressure to deliver more consistent and predictable performance, optimization of laboratory processes using lean principles can contribute to the economic efficiency of an organization. Mettler Toledo released a lean-laboratory checklist and several upgrades to the company’s weighing and dosing equipment that are designed to streamline laboratory processes.

LabX laboratory software offers centralized workflow and data and instrument management for all connected instruments, and the software now includes new statistical functionalities. A standalone and LabX-based Statistical Quality Control system using the XPE balance ensures ongoing quality and compliance for batch control, batch release, and fill quantities. The XPE analytical balance can use an automated dosing application integrated in the XPE firmware by adding a powder and/or liquid dosing module for the highest accuracy in standard and sample preparation. The new SmartPan on 0.001-g precision balances delivers faster results and removes the need for a draft shield for better ergonomics and productivity. The new benchtop RFID [radio frequency identification] reader/writer allows error-free data transfer using RFID tags on sample containers, pipettes, and dosing heads.

Source: Mettler Toledo