Werum and Systec & Solutions Offer an Integrated Information Technology Solution

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Systec & Solutions' HMI hardware and Werum's PAS-X manufacturing execution system are designed to work together.

Werum IT Solutions, which offers information technology (IT) such as manufacturing execution systems (MES), and Systec & Solutions, a specialized manufacturer of GMP IT hardware solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, introduced a jointly developed approach for enhanced usability in controlling pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production processes on the shop floor. Systec & Solutions will have a range of human-machine interface (HMI) hardware specifically tailored for use with Werum‘s PAS-X MES solution.

“Such compatible components allow for a more reliable and accelerated MES introduction, giving customers a clear advantage over third-party components that require various adjustments and tests to work together optimally,” said Rüdiger Schlierenkämper, CEO, Werum IT Solutions, in a press release. “Our objective is to simplify the automation of production processes for our pharma customers while providing them with standard solutions for ergonomic and safe operation by design.”

“Another advantage for Werum and Systec & Solutions customers,” added Andreas König, managing director at Systec & Solutions, in the press release, “is that the Systec & Solutions HMI hardware has preconfigured components with additional functions such as hardware buttons to switch between different PAS-X applications. This will help make the work of shop floor operators more reliable, as well as faster and easier. The mobile stainless steel trolleys of Systec & Solutions are battery-powered so that the HMI can be used together with the PAS-X MES software wherever required by the process.”