WuXi PharmaTech and TruTag Technologies Complete Successful Testing of On-Dose Authentication Solution

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WuXi PharmaTech and TruTag Technologies successfully applied and detected TruTag's edible microtags on solid-dosage drug products and found no effect on dissolution.

WuXi PharmaTech and TruTag Technologies completed joint testing of TruTag’s on-dose authentication solution, the companies announced on Aug. 10, 2015. TruTag's edible silica microtags serve as barcodes and can be incorporated into solid, oral-dose medications, making it possible for pills to be verified for authenticity at any point along the production and distribution process.

The companies, which announced their alliance in 2014, reported that their joint testing found that TruTags can be applied to qualifying oral solid dosage (OSD) drug products using a consistent, repeatable process, and were successfully detected using TruTag’s proprietary optical detection device. TruTags did not affect the stability or dissolution properties of APIs in accelerated open and closed bottle testing.

WuXi and TruTag plan to begin further testing of TruTags on additional API products. TruTag is also working with several multinational pharmaceutical companies in pilot testing for broad deployment of this technology in OSD drug products, the company said in the press release.


“One can think of TruTags as a form of edible PIATS, or Product Identification Authentication Tracking System, which can be embedded into a product like unique fingerprints,” said Hank Wuh, TruTag Technologies’ founder and chairman.  “With our ability to securely identify individual goods without labels or packaging, we aim to dramatically improve the safety and traceability of critical products such as food and medicine and in the process, to have a fundamental impact on big data.”

Source: WuXi AppTec