Honeywell and the Future of Life Sciences Manufacturing
June 06, 2024

Shawn Opatka, Vice President & General Manager of Life Sciences at Honeywell, discusses how the company stands out in an industry that constantly evolves.

Recent Pharma Trends, EU Annex 1, and More with Syntegon
May 30, 2024

At a recent INTERPHEX conference, Laura Moody (Director of Product Management, Pharma North America, Syntegon) shared some insights into current trends in the pharmaceutical industry, including the EU Annex 1.

How TekniPlex is Expanding to Support Innovative Solutions in Materials Science
May 17, 2024

TekniPlex recently acquired Seisa Medical, which has expanded the company's services into that of a CDMO.

Meeting Upstream Bioprocessing Challenges with Innovative Engineering Design (INTERPHEX 2024)
May 02, 2024

Global product manager at Cytiva, Eric Corti, discusses the challenges with designing a new single-use mixing system that ensures leak-free fluid handling operations at INTERPHEX 2024.

Looking at the Benefits of Podular Cleanroom Solutions (INTERPHEX 2024)
May 01, 2024

At INTERPHEX 2024, Pharmaceutical Technology® chatted with Dennis Powers from G-CON Manufacturing about podular cleanroom options and the benefits they offer for manufacturers.

The Impact of Rees Scientific’s Continuous Monitoring Systems in Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies
May 01, 2024

Josh Hirshenhorn (Sales Representative, Rees Scientific) explains current challenges faced by pharmaceutical and biotech companies and how Rees' continuous monitoring systems offer solutions.

Taking a Deeper Look at Sterile Powder Transfer in Aseptic Fill/Finish of Parenterals (INTERPHEX 2024)
April 22, 2024

Mary Van Gaasbeck, technical services specialist, LS Equipment and Services, at STERIS Life Sciences, notes that automation is key when it comes to effective sterile powder transfer of parenteral drug products.

Evaluating the Single-Use Trend in Pumping Systems for Fluid Handling (INTERPHEX 2024)
April 22, 2024

Andreas Frerix, product management director for Quattroflow at PSG Biotech, discussed the advantages and new challenges SUTs present for pumping systems.

How New Regulations Are Impacting Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility Design
April 19, 2024

New regulations, including those put forth by Annex 1, require many pharmaceutical manufacturers to rethink their facility designs to promote compliance.

A Look at the Impact of Industry Trends on Sensor Technologies (INTERPHEX 2024)
April 19, 2024

Jay Rajagopalan, senior director—Engineering & Product Management for Malema at PSG Biotech, shared insights at on how current industry trends are shaping the development and advancement of sensor technologies.