2009 Post-Interphex Showcase: Information Technology

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2009 Post-Interphex Showcase: Information Technology

Natoli has redesigned its website to provide clients with more information. The new website features quote-request forms for tooling and products. Advanced search capabilities allow users to easily search products or parts by name, manufacturer, part or item number, or product description.

Natoli Engineering Company, St. Charles, MO
tel. 636.926.8900


Dow offers a webcast about hot melt extrusion. Mark Hall, lead development specialist within the company’s Pharmaceutical Excipients Research and Development Group, hosts the webcast titled “Impact of Polymeric Excipient Selection and Process Variables on Hot Melt Extrusion.” The webcast is available at Dow’s website under the “Pharmaceuticals” tab in the “Markets and Applications” menu.

Dow Wolff Cellulosics, Midland, MI
tel. 800.447.4369