2009 Post-Interphex Showcase: Laboratory Equipment & Supplies

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2009 Post-Interphex Showcase: Laboratory Equipment

Weighing terminal
The “IND560” weighing terminal from Mettler Toledo allows users to choose between conventional strain gauge or high-precision, electromagnetic-force restoration weighing technologies. The unit is compatible with direct program logic controllers such as Profibus and DeviceNet, as well as Ethernet communication interfaces and internal and external digital I/O control. An IP65-rated panel and IP69k heavy-washdown mounting are available options.

Atlantic Scale Co., Nutley, NJ
tel. 973.661.7090

Dissolution-media concentrates
Mallinckrodt’s “DILUT-IT” premixed dissolution media concentrates are designed to reduce the preparation time by as much as 75%. The concentrates also help reduce costs and increase flexibility. The product is intended to improve the quality and consistency of the media produced, thus simplifying regulatory compliance for quality-control laboratories.

Mallinckrodt Baker, Phillipsburg, NJ
tel. 908.859.2151

Handheld material verification
The “TruScan” handheld instrument for rapid material verification is designed to facilitate the inspection of incoming raw materials. TruScan allows users to save time and cost in material sampling. Nontechnical staff can easily operate the instrument to nondestructively test materials, even through plastic or glass containers. TruScan supports 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Ahura Scientific, Wilmington, MA
tel. 978.657.5555

Total organic carbon analyzer
The “Sievers 500 RL” on-line total organic carbon (TOC) analyzer delivers the accuracy, automation, and confidence needed for switching from laboratory to on-line TOC. The unit uses no reagents and provides continuous quality assurance for real-time water release and cleaning validation. The four-port “Super iOS” standards-introduction device automates system protocols.

GE Analytical Instruments, Boulder, CO
tel. 303.444.2009


Endotoxin testing system
Charles River Laboratories offers its “Endosafe-PTS” 15-minute quantitative endotoxin testing system. The system is licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration for end-product release testing. The PTS system is a handheld portable unit that facilitates point-of-use testing. Disposable cartridges are preloaded with the reagents needed to run the assay.

Charles River Laboratories, Wilmington, MA
tel. 978.658.6000

Spectroscopy e-newsletter
Thermo Scientific’s application-based spectroscopy e-newsletter includes application notes for techniques, an “Ask the Experts” column that answers readers’ questions, a “Tech Challenge” puzzle designed to test your wits, Thermo Scientific training class schedules, seminar and webinar schedules, and new product-release updates. The e-newsletter is published quarterly.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham MA
tel. 800.532.4752

Mass spectrometer
The ProMaxion process mass spectrometer from AMETEK provides continuous real-time monitoring and control of solvent-drying processes. The instrument controls all aspects of the drying cycle from product entry to removal. It signals the end of the drying cycle, determines the optimum time for vacuum drying after filtration, and tracks process variables such as air entry into the drying chamber.

AMETEK Process Instruments, Pittsburgh, PA
tel. 412.828.9040

Blend analyzer
The Antaris Target is a powerful near-infrared analyzer used for determining blending endpoints and ingredient concentrations in real time. Designed for control and verification of blend uniformity in pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing, it uses microelectromechanical systems technology to provide exceptional performance.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Madison, WI
tel. 800.532.4752

Charged aerosol detector
The Corona Ultra charged aerosol detector is compatible with ultrahigh pressure liquid chromatography instruments. With reduced peak dispersion and a 100-Hz acquisition rate, this detector is suited for diverse applications from small molecules to lipids and polymers. The instrument provides 1-s peak widths at base at 0.2–2 mL/min.

ESA, Chelmsford, MA
tel. 978.250.7000