A Closer Look at Affinity Ligands

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Bio/Pharma Outsourcing Innovation, February 2024 eBook, Volume 2024 eBook, Issue 2
Pages: 16-21

A look at the newest innovations offers a deeper understanding of affinity ligands and their role in the future of downstream processing.

Affinity ligands play an exciting role in the ever-growing sphere of downstream processing. In speaking with Pharmaceutical Technology®, Phillip Elliott, PhD, associate director of Process Development, BioCina; Jan Bekker, PhD, director, Business Development, Commercial and Technical Operations, BioCina; and Parviz Shamlou, PhD, senior vice-president of Science & Technology, Abzena illuminate the newest innovations with affinity ligands and provide a deeper understanding of the role affinity ligands play in the future of downstream processing.

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Daria Husni is assistant editor to Pharmaceutical Technology® and Pharmaceutical Technology Europe®.

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Pharmaceutical Technology/Pharmaceutical Technology Europe Outsourcing Innovation eBook
Issue 2
February 2024
Pages: 16-21


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