AAIPharma CEO Discusses Parenteral Manufacturing

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AAIPharma Services CEO Patrick Walsh talks about the parenterals market and the drivers for his company's recent expansion of its sterile-manufacturing capabilities.

There is growing demand for parenterals manufacturing, but currently limited production capacity, particularly for pharmaceutical companies looking for a range of capabilities from development through commercial scale.

To help address that need, AAIPharma Services recently expanded its sterile-manufacturing operations. AAIPharma Services CEO Patrick Walsh spoke with the Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manufacturing, and Marketplace Report about the parenterals market and the additional capabilities his company felt were important to include, such as line-loss techniques.

What drivers led AAIPharma to expand its parenteral manufacturing? Walsh points to a shortage of qualified manufacturing facilities in the US and internationally, a shortage of key raw material components, and other issues. Hear more of what he has to say (Part Ⅰ).


What specific capabilities and equipment did AAIPharma incorporate into its new facility and why? Why was it important for the expanded facility to specifically address line-loss issues and what techniques were selected? Listen to what Walsh has to say (Part Ⅱ).

For Walsh, ensuring that the needs of AAIPharma’s customers continued to be met during the physical upgrading of its parental manufacturing operations was one of the biggest challenges the company faced when planning the expansion. Hear how the company overcame that hurdle (Part Ⅲ).