ABEC Launches 6000-L Single-Use Bioreactor

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The company’s Custom Single Run product line now has available bioreactors with working volumes of up to 6000 L.

ABEC, a provider of integrated solutions and services for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, announced on Sept. 10, 2019 that it now provides Custom Single Run (CSR) bioreactors with working volumes up to 6000 L.

The new 6000-L CSR bioreactor increases cell culture capacity per unit of floorspace, which is expected to save on capital spending as well as facility and disposables cost. CSR bioreactors deliver equivalent power per volume compared to stainless-steel bioreactors and can still maintain low-shear mixing, according to the company. The material, instrument, and component supply chains for the new 6000-L vessel remain fully transparent and non-proprietary, giving biopharmaceutical manufacturers better control and flexibility for managing quality, cost, and regulatory compliance.

“We understand that our customers cannot compromise on scalability and cost of goods when realizing other single-use benefits such as multi-product flexibility,” said Scott Pickering, ABEC president and CEO, in a company press release. “In applications where single-use is preferred, with [6000-L] CSR bioreactors, customers can now achieve even greater economies of scale for cell culture production.”

Source: ABEC