ABITEC Enters into Memorandum of Understanding with Luca AICell

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The memorandum of understanding between ABITEC and Luca AICell will work to advance ultra-high purity lipidic chemistries.

ABITEC, a subsidiary of ABF Ingredients, announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreement with Luca AICell, a bio-platform technology company, on Sept. 10, 2021.This MoU supports an agreement to pursue foundational research that aims to advance the use of ultra-high purity lipidic chemistries across various disciplines.

Luca AICell developed a proprietary artificial cell membrane technology, the LUCA Lipid Bilayer-LLBTM, that uses artificial intelligence to optimize their nano-assembly technology. Per an ABITEC press release, this allows them to work with various types of unique functional lipids and apply optimal formulation ratios to create artificial membranes.

“Lipid nanoparticle technology is a drug delivery system that injects various vaccines and active drugs into our body to ensure that the substance is maintained in different physiological environments and protected to reach the target point,” said Nam-Joon Choo, the developer of the artificial membrane technology at Luca AICEll, in the press release. “Through this joint research collaboration and business partnership (commercialization) with ABITEC, it is not only possible to produce mRNA [messenger RNA] vaccines, but also possible to establish a standard platform technology that composes a delivery system suitable for the characteristics and administration purpose of various infectious disease vaccines.”


“It is through visionary collaborations with [organizations] such as Luca AICell that has provided ABITEC the opportunity to expand our focus towards basic science, as opposed to historic short-term commercial drivers.” said Donal Kelemen, global business director for ABITEC, in the press release.“We believe this directional approach towards innovation is paramount to the development of impactful lipid products and their associated applications to further understand and address the scientific and biological challenges facing the market sectors that we serve today and tomorrow.”

Source: ABITEC