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AccuPRO-ID™ is Significantly More Accurate in Bacterial Identifications than the VITEK®2 Compact: Case Study Evaluations

Accurate classification of unknown bacterial isolates is an essential first step in understanding the impact organisms have on an environmental monitoring program and product safety. In two separate blinded studies, Accugenix, Inc. evaluated the accuracy of reported identifications from the AccuPRO-ID™ method to the results from the bioMérieux VITEK®2 Compact. The data clearly show that the AccuPRO-ID™ service from Accugenix is significantly more accurate than the VITEK®2, leading to more confidence in the EM information and allowing for more effective trending and tracking in a production facility. The microbial identifications generated by the VITEK®2 were performed independently by our clients. All results were compared to Accugenix’s 16S rDNA sequencing to determine the accuracy between methods.

Despite high confidence percentage match factors, there was no correlation to the accuracy of the results. This combination of missing database entries and incorrect identifications by the VITEK®2 make it nearly impossible to accurately track and trend in a manufacturing environment.

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