ACG APL Receives EXCiPACT Certification

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ACG APL is the first Asian company to receive this certification.

On August 23, 2016, ACG Worldwide announced that ACG Associated Capsules (ACG APL) received EXCiPACT certification for its plant at Dahanu, Maharashtra, India. According to ACG Worldwide, ACG APL is the first empty hard capsule manufacturer in Asia to receive this certification, which provides independent validation that the company maintains GMPs and complies with the current European Union and FDA regulation.

EXCiPACT is an independent not-for-profit association that provides management oversight for independent, third-party certification of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of pharmaceutical excipients worldwide. EXCiPACT selects independent, third-party accredited certification bodies, employing ISO 9001 qualified auditors who also have to meet EXCiPACT auditor competency.


Source: ACG