Acquisition Combines Lab Glassware Suppliers Wheaton and Duran Group

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The Duran Group’s acquisition of Wheaton combine two brands of laboratory consumables.

Wheaton, a Millville, NJ-based provider of laboratory glassware and consumables, announced on Sept. 15, 2015, that it has been acquired by Duran Group, a portfolio company of funds advised by One Equity Partners Capital Advisors L.P. (OEP) that manufactures specialty glass solutions for the laboratory and industrial glass markets.

The combined company will benefit from a broader base from which to grow their portfolio of products, according to a press statement announcing the merger. Wheaton provides glass and plasticware in North America; Duran provides laboratory glassware in Europe. Both companies also serve Asia and other global markets.

“This acquisition represents a new chapter for Wheaton and will allow us to accelerate a number of growth programs already in progress. Joining a company with the expertise and capabilities of Duran Group additionally opens up many possibilities for improvements and growth,” said Wayne Brinster, president and CEO of Wheaton. “In the areas of products, infrastructure, talent and focus, the two organizations complement each other very well.”


OEP has managed approximately $11 billion in total investments and committed capital for JPMorgan Chase & Co. since 2001.

Source: Wheaton