Actylis Debuts as an Integrated Global Specialty Ingredients Manufacturing and Sourcing Provider

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Actylis combines Aceto and its 10 acquired specialists into a singular global brand.

Actylis, a global manufacturer and sourcing expert of raw materials and performance ingredients, announced its debut on Sept. 26, 2022. The new company combines Aceto and 10 industry specialists into an integrated global ingredient powerhouse; A&C, A&C Bio Buffer, Biotron Laboratories, Cascade Chemistry, Finar, Inter-Actifs, IsleChem, Pharma Waldhof, Syntor Fine Chemicals, and Talus.

According to a company press release, Actylis aims to address the major unmet need for better and more dependable access to critical raw materials and performance ingredients needed for the manufacture of highly regulated products in key industries. The combination of the many specialists will enable Actylis’ hybrid manufacturing and sourcing model, which is designed to provide various benefits to its customers in high-growth end markets.

“Actylis unites multiple industry specialists with a wide range of capabilities into a new, global enterprise with a unique hybrid approach that is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Gilles Cottier, CEO of Actylis, in the release. “This consolidation enables us to offer customers across diverse locations and industries highly flexible, customized solutions addressing their specific needs, while assuring reliable on-time delivery of the high-quality ingredients essential to their success.”


Source: Aceto