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Adare is a global specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative products that can improve the lives of patients whose treatment needs are not fully addressed by current medications. Adare transforms medicines tailored to the needs of the evolving global healthcare market-creating value for patients and partners.

With extensive experience across a broad range of therapeutic areas, Adare is actively pursuing growth in its proprietary pipeline, including development, acquisitions, and expanding its GI portfolio with its natural bacterial product franchise.

Innovative solutions for patients around the world
By applying its capabilities and expertise, Adare delivers innovative solutions that help solve a broad range of challenges.


With a wide range of proprietary technologies (taste-masking & ODTs, customized drug release and bioavailability enhancement), Adare can help you overcome complex formulation challenges and add valuable IP to commercialized products and products in development.

Over 40 products incorporating the proprietary technologies of Adare have been commercialized around the world. Adare also has an extensive patent portfolio, which includes more than 360 granted patents and 225 pending patent applications.

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