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At Adare Pharmaceuticals, we transform medicines, creating new possibilities for improved patient health.



Using our proprietary technologies, we have demonstrated the unique ability to transform drug formulations and create novel Rx and OTC products. By understanding patients' needs, we can develop medicines that deliver significant benefits to patients in terms of efficacy and safety, while encouraging patient acceptance and adherence.



Patient adherence to prescribed therapy is widely recognized as a significant issue. Several factors, such as bitter taste, administration difficulty, dosing frequency, and inconvenience, are attributed to the lack of patient acceptance and adherence to a prescribed regimen.







Our proprietary technologies address these challenges by:


  • Improving taste: Effectively masking the bitter taste of many active pharmaceutical ingredients


  • Promoting ease of administration: For anyone who has difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules, especially pediatric, geriatric, and dysphagic patients


  • Adding convenience: Making medications easy to transport and easy to swallow, without the need for water


To learn more about how we solved a complex formulation challenge and delivered an innovative, patient-centric dosage form using Microcaps® Taste Masking Technology, download this white paper.


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