AES Clean Technology Launches CleanLock Module

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The airlock solution for cleanrooms offers contamination controls for a highly controlled environment.

AES Clean Technology announced the launch of its CleanLock Module at INTERPHEX 2024 on April 16, 2024. The airlock solution for cleanrooms is engineered to minimize the risk of contamination by integrating AES’ proprietary cleanroom finishes, patented lighting, predictable airflow patterns, and advanced door controls. These features can be integrated into any facility without delay. The CleanLock Module allows for secure transition of people and materials entering and existing cleanrooms. AES, a modular cleanroom facilities provider, is inviting attendees of INTERPHEX 2024 to visit their booth, 2509, to learn more about the CleanLock Module.

"We are thrilled to introduce the CleanLock Module airlock to the market," said Grant Merrill, AES chief commercial officer, in a press release (1). "This product addresses the critical need for maintaining ultra-clean environments in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturing. With its state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering, the CleanLock Module will set a new standard for contamination control and efficiency in design and construction execution."

The CleanLock Module joins the company’s series of cleanroom products. Its three-dimensional design modularizes coordinated and repeatable segments of any cleanroom project “to accelerate installation, maximize quality, improve site safety, and deliver predictable performance” in one single packaged solution.

Cleanrooms are an integral part of contamination control in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Flexibility in constructing cleanrooms should consider the process application they are used for (2). “This [flexibility] is especially important for multi-modal or multi-product processing streams and new therapies, which may not have a clearly defined process design or require process modifications along the way … To truly determine flexibility, one needs to dissect the different flexibility needs and the available solutions. Only then can an appropriate decision be made, which will not just satisfy the short-term requirements, but also show long-term benefits” (2).

In other AES Clean Technology news, in February 2024 the company appointed Chris Barbieri as vice president of Engineering to oversee product development, innovation, and technical advancement initiatives.


“It is an exciting time to welcome Chris to our leadership team. He has a wealth of experience in the industry and will support our mission as the leader in modular cleanroom technology. Bringing passion, energy, and tenacity to his new role, Chris is well positioned to make a real impact on our people, projects, and clients, and our overall future success,” said Shawn Reniker, AES Clean Technology’s senior vice president of Operations, in a press release (3).

“AES has been an established and recognized name within the cleanroom industry for almost 40 years. The team’s capabilities from a design-build and manufacturing standpoint, coupled with its focus and commitment to continuous improvement, innovation, and growth, align perfectly with my professional goals. My extensive background in engineering and project delivery will allow me to provide valuable insights and feedback as AES continues to grow the design and engineering teams. I look forward to elevating AES’ profile as a technical leader and innovator,” Barbieri said in the release.


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Source: AES Clean Technology